Calligraphy Capital

Foam brush, Acrylic paint & Pentel Pocket brush pen
A2 Paper

     Not a lot of pieces have annoyed me to the extent this one has. The idea is simple, but I had to get the C just right, which proved to be extremely stressful. I've done 5 or 10 tries before I could get it to look just "good enough". 

     My Molotow markers were not large enough for the job, but I found an old foam brush I'd never used, tucked behind my inks and rulers. I love the dry brush effect I get from it, but it's a bit complicated to work with - the ink flow is not precise, to the point where the width of the stroke varies.
      The "Calligraphy" at the bottom was done with a formal brush pen script, which is a good halfway point between the trash effect of calligraffiti and the "sign effect" Copperplate has.


The whole purpose of the piece was to make a poster for my room that would "pop out". It definitely does the job !

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