Star Wars Series

Death Star, Boba Fett Helmet, Rebel sign
Opening crawls from Star Wars, episodes IV, V, VI
Pilot lettering pen, white gouache
50*65 cm

     One of my coolest projects to date : the opening crawls from all 3 original Star Wars, each representing a symbol from the trilogy. I'm really getting the hang of my new script, and was fortunate enough to find some incredible clients to work with on all 3 different pieces, who are now in 3 different cities and 2 different countries.

      Though represented above in episode order, the pieces were done one after the other with no logic whatsoever : VI, IV, then V. But when sorted chronologically, you can really see the details of each symbol getting more and more complicated.

     The rebel symbol was actually quite straightforward. It wasn't much more complicated that my nuun calligram from a few months ago. But the idea of a Star Wars Series came from there.

     With the Death Star, I wanted to introduce the two-tone look, and was lucky enough to get it right first time around. I just water down the same gouache I use for the clear white.

     And finally, the Boba Fett helmet was just a pain to do. Not only did I have to use the two-tone effect again (which is actually a pain to work with), but I also had tons of tiny, tiny areas where I couldn't write, so instead used flourisher. It took a lot of workarounds to fit the text where it needed to be. Plus, the Boba Fett helmet is a pain to draw, because it's symmetrical enough that you can't freehand it, but complicated enough that you can't just use a ruler either. Hearing the client was happy with it was definitely a relief, and it's become my family's favourite as well.

I'll leave anyone who's read till the end with two WIP pictures I posted on my instagram whilst I was working on these pieces. Don't forget to share the post and pictures if you enjoyed them !

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