Dangerous Liaisons quote

     Between working on exams and a hundred half-finished Illustrator projects, I tried my hand at some classic penmanship. The solid body of text makes for a great piece to frame, and it's not especially complex or time-consuming. I'm planning more pieces in this style already. Here's what the finished artwork looks like :

     I used my Noodler's Ahab, Iroshizuku Yu-Yake ink for the body, and a Hunt nib for the signature and first capital (unfortunately, I forgot the name of the blue ink). It sits on A3 paper. I've had tons of issues with the flex aspect of the Ahab, probably because I've fiddled with the feed too much, hence the massive bleeding in some parts of the piece. From now on, I'll stick to dip nibs.

     The quote is from Christopher Hampton's adaptation Dangerous Liaisons. I found it here : http://www.whysanity.net/monos/dangerous2.html

     And as a bonus, here's my first attempt, where I wasn't happy with the composition, or the colours :

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