First post, and Monogram

     I'd been talking about it for a while, but never got round to it. And now it's there. I have my own corner of the internet !

     There's tons of stuff to come, some kind of webdesign being first on the bucket list. I'll start taking requests, and maybe include a pricing list. At the moment, it's more of a dump for all my pieces that are lying around somewhere in my room.

     The first one being the monogram I'm currently using as a header. Here it is :

     The center monogram was made with Molotow Markers and their acrylic paint-based inks, and the circle was completed with a tape nib and's permanent pigmented midnight blue - a great colour, but the shade is impossible to keep consistent.

     It was a great excuse to practice both circle calligraphy and massive blackletter, calligraffiti capitals. I filmed the whole process of making the piece, including the preparatory drawings - that was mostly the point of it. Here's what the drawings look like, along with advanced maths :

     The final video needs some serious editing, which Reddit user Swordie is working on. It might take a while before it's uploaded. Until then, I might get myself a proper web design !

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  1. Looks amazing! Do you consider digitizing things like this?

    1. Thanks a lot ! No, I don't usually take the time to digitize my pieces, unless I intend to get them printed or included in a webdesign.

  2. Really nice, forget working on the website lets see more of your stuff!


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